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  • Dr. Damon Orlando, Chiropractor

    Dr. Damon Orlando is a board certified Chiropractor who has been practicing in Century City since 1997.  His love of fitness and exercise fueled a passion for physiology, athletics and reaching an optimal level of health.  As an athlete growing up he was treated with chiropractic many times for sports related injuries, with great success!  This led him to Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, where Dr. Orlando earned his professional degree in 1997. He continued that love for exercise and has gone on to study and craft his expertise in functional movement analysis, core and strength training, athletic performance enhancement  and sports injury rehabilitation to integrate these into his chiropractic office.  In 2007 he started working with and trained in Corporate Wellness programs with Merrill Lynch, UBS, Seismic productions and other large companies to educate and facilitate on site wellness care.