CIPN occurs when drugs used to treat cancer cause damage to the peripheral nerves (i.e. nerves in the hands and feet, sometimes extending to the arms and legs). CIPN symptoms can vary in type and severity from person to person, and depend upon which nerves are damaged and how many nerves are affected.


    The Calmare machine is an FDA cleared pain therapy device providing non invasive, drug free treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncological pain. It is being utilized in top research hospitals, cancer centers, military hospitals and private pain clinics worldwide having successfully treated thousands of patients. “Scrambler” therapy uses electro cutaneous nerve stimulation applied to the affected area via pads. These provide stimulation overriding the pain and creating a no pain signal along the nerve pathway. This becomes the dominant signal the brain receives changing the pain signal it had been receiving. The brain adapts to this pain free message sending a no pain signal back to the site using the same nerve pathway. Repeating this process for 45 minutes with consecutive treatments can give the patient significant or total pain relief without the use of harmful narcotics or surgery. The relief can be immediate with pain diminishing in intensity and frequency after the first session and can last for months to up to a year. Booster treatments can then be administered to provide lasting ongoing pain control depending on the severity and the underlying condition. This can greatly improve the patients quality of life and get them off drugs and medication. This biophysical rather than biochemical approach removes the risk factors from opioids and their addictive power.  Calmare therapy provides a technologically advanced drug free pain therapy that has shown to have a high success rate with no risk.