• Testimonials

  • I was diagnosed with CRPS of the left knee in February 2020. I had a knee injury October 2018, followed by left knee arthroscopy on 3/22/19. I was unable to quickly rehabilitate my knee like a young adult should (I’m 29 years old). I attended PT for almost 1 year, tried multiple medications, had cortisone injections, and did home exercise. No matter what I did, I just wasn’t getting better. I had horrible atrophy of my left lower extremity muscles and was in constant pain. In late 2020, my symptoms progressed to very classic CRPS symptoms: temperature change, color change (knee was dark purplish color), and hypersensitivity. At times, I was unable to tolerate the bed sheets touching my knee.

    I was miserable with my CRPS symptoms and saw multiple specialists, including pain management and a rheumatologist. I was put on high-dose Gabapentin (1,800 mg) and Nortriptyline (50mg). These medications barely dulled the pain and left me feeling very sedated. I was constantly searching for an answer. Something that had no side effects, was noninvasive, and had been successful for other CRPS patients. That’s when I found Calmare therapy with Dr. Orlando.

    To have found Dr. Orlando and the Calmare therapy he offers is the best thing that has happened to me since my diagnosis. Dr. Orlando is the most genuine, compassionate provider I have seen so far. He goes above and beyond to make sure his patients feel they are his priority. Prior to my first treatment, he called me to explain the Calmare therapy and gather detailed information about my symptoms. For the first time since the onset of my CRPS, I felt hope. Dr. Orlando recommended 12 sessions of the Calmare therapy.

    It has been 6 weeks since the 12 sessions of treatment. I feel like I have my life back! I went from being on 1,800mg Gabapentin when I started treatment to now half that amount! I also went from barely walking 1k steps per day to now over 5k steps per day! The Calmare therapy Dr. Orlando provided has allowed me to feel so much relief from my CRPS symptoms, and I could not be more grateful. Dr. Orlando has also been one of my biggest supporters. Although I haven’t been back in a while, he still checks on me to see how I’m doing. It makes all the difference to have a provider who genuinely cares about their patient’s wellbeing. I highly recommend Dr. Orlando to anyone who is struggling with CRPS, he is the absolute best. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Orlando!

    Elizabeth E.

  • Finding Dr. Orlando and Calmare Therapy truly changed my life. Five years after having a spinal fusion, I started having more back pain again. I tried every “usual” treatment, to no avail. Fortunately, one of my clients told me about Calmare and I found Dr. Orlando. He was extremely patient. He even encouraged me to wait to try it until we made sure there wasn’t a structural issue causing my pain. After 3 months of speaking with him and sending my scans and doctors notes, he suggested that I move forward with Calmare. I am forever grateful that I did. While it wasn’t a “miracle cure” for my back, it did relieve a significant amount of my pain, which allowed me to start working out again (guided by Dr. Orlando) and as I got stronger, my pain diminished even more. What came as a very happy surprise is that the Calmare completely eliminated an underlying all body pain that I have lived with my whole life due to a non-specific autoimmune disease. I have never believed in miracle cures, but this was truly miraculous to me. I didn’t know it was possible to live in this world with out all that discomfort.
    Through all of it, Dr. Orlando was patient, caring, supportive and just all around kind in every way possible. He is doing such extraordinary work, changing people’s lives for the better. You won’t find a better practitioner. I highly, highly recommend him.

    Deborah E.

  • Calmare scrambler technology radically improved my mother's quality of life. Chemotherapy had caused such severe peripheral neuropathy that her oncologist stopped her original treatment. My mom had extreme pain in her fingers and numbness in her toes and feet. This compromised her mobility and ability to do even the simplest of tasks on her own. It was a difficult time both physically and mentally for her. She had been taking gabapentin, but the medication had no effect on relieving her pain. Gabapentin made her extremely tired, thus making the situation more difficult.

    My family came across Calmare Therapy Los Angeles on the internet as we desperately searched for options. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have stumbled across Dr. Orlando and his practice. My mother's oncologist and other specialists had never heard of Calmare Therapy. Yet, we found many research articles from prominent institutions which reported remarkable benefits on patients suffering from chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. Hospitals and research centers are beginning to employ the technology in conjunction with chemotherapy. By alleviating these debilitating side effects, patients can endure chemotherapy longer, thus increasing their chances of survival.

    While the treatment is FDA approved, insurance did not cover any of the expenses. However, the results were worth every cent. After about 2 weeks of daily treatments (M-F), my mother had no pain in her fingers and no numbness in her feet and toes. Her situation improved each day during the treatment. It was incredible to witness the progress! It was almost unbelievable to my mom. Plus, there were no side effects.

    It has been over a month since her treatment. She has experienced no regression. While back on chemotherapy, my mother has her energy, mobility, and positive spirit back! Calmare Therapy has been life-changing for my mother. Simply amazing!

    Dr. Orlando was equally remarkable. He had a genuine concern for my mother's well-being and a calm, professional demeanor. Dr. Orlando took great care of her and was keen on monitoring the progress carefully. He and his assistant, Alex, treated all of us family members well, too. While we were happy when the treatment was over, we did miss our visits with Dr. Orlando! My family and I highly recommend Dr. Orlando and his Calmare Therapy practice.

    Emmy C.

  • It has been almost a month since my last Calmare appointment with Dr. Orlando, and I cannot believe
    how much of my life I have gotten back! I was diagnosed with CRPS about 4 years ago and was
    experiencing high levels of pain in my knee every single day. Dr. Orlando helped improve my pain to
    where I am now at 0-1 pain levels. Now, my husband and I are enjoying more walks together and I can
    genuinely tell people that “ I’m good" when someone asks me how I’m doing. My mother-in-law
    encouraged me to research Calmare Therapy because it is non invasive and drug free. In my research I
    found Dr. Damon Orlando, I called the number on his site and explained my story. Dr. Orlando is very
    down to earth and genuinely cares about helping his patients heal using the Calmare Treatment. I am
    still in disbelief at how much I have been brought back to life. My husband and I are a young couple, and
    now we can be married without my CRPS getting in the way of everything. I am also a preschool teacher
    so it means a lot to me that I can be able to do a little more at work with the kids when they ask to play!
    Thanks to Dr. Orlando and the Calmare Therapy!

    Kathleen P.

  • Dr. Orlando was able to take my wife's CRPS pain levels down to basically nothing so that she is able to strengthen and improve her overall physical health. We spent the last 5 years struggling to even come close to these results.

    His attention to detail and expertise on the nervous / skeletal systems was second to none and was even able to help some of my back issues in the meantime.

    For the cost, time and results, I give no higher recommendation.

    Michael F.

  • Dr. Damon Orlando and his Calmare therapy have done wonders for reducing a chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) pain that has caused me chronic misery since my last cancer treatment 10 years ago. Previously, only daily opioids made any difference and provided relief. Now, after only 11 sessions with Dr. Orlando and, what I consider an almost magical treatment, I can sleep at night without pain. I can, enthusiastically and without reservation, recommend Dr. Orlando and his Calmare treatments to anyone who wants a drug free life without chronic CIPN pain.

    John B.